An Ode to Dunkin Donuts

If you would have told me 15 years ago that as an adult I was going to be obsessed with coffee I would have laughed in your face. I never understood how and why people were obsessed with it. My parents drank coffee in the morning and at night after dinner. My dad always drank his coffee black, and my mom always had hers with evaporated milk and sugar. Coffee never appealed to me.

My addiction to all things coffee began when I was 20.  I had dropped out of college and decided  that I would much rather have a job. This job required me to get up every morning at 5:30. I needed something to perk me up in the morning, and Mountain Dew was not cutting it. I decided on my way to work to grab a coffee at the nearest Dunks.

Living in Massachusetts, Dunkin Donuts is a staple. They are everywhere. One day I decided to stop and try a medium iced french vanilla coffee.  It was delicious. From there on out, I am addicted. In 11 years, I have had an ice coffee every single day from Dunkin Donuts (except those days were we get horrible snow storms) and I have never turned back. I go to the same Dunkin’s all of the time. Over time, you learn about the employees and their coffee making habits. Some employees make an excellent cup of coffee and once in a while you will have an employee who is clueless. Over time those employees go or stay and they get better with orders.  Dunkin Donuts is always changing but their coffee remains a constant.  If I drink coffee from like Honey Dew or McDonalds or Starbucks I feel like I am cheating on a loved one. Don’t get me wrong, I love these chains.  However, Dunkin Donuts will always be my go to.

As I sit here and sip on my large iced caramel mocha regular.  I can’t help but thank Dunkin Donuts for my love of coffee.



A Tasty Treat

One thing you are going to learn about me is that I love food. I love weird things.  Well last week my husband and his friend went to go get ice cream. They stumbled upon this nice little ice cream stand on a main road. Not thinking anything of it they stopped for a tasty treat. My husband got a Reese’s Sundae. He told me that night all about his tasty treat. I was a little jealous. I love ice cream. Well then he dropped a bomb on me, this place had a Captain Crunch Sundae. I was intrigued.  I had to try this  Sundae.

This brings me to today. I was watching Netflix with the hubby and I told him I had a craving for ice cream. He suggested that we go get Captain Crunch Sundaes.

Now the idea of putting cereal and ice cream together is  nothing new for me. In college, we had an ice cream station with soft serve and we also had a cereal bar for the students who enjoyed eating Brinner.  (Breakfast for dinner). I used to put cereal in my ice cream. For example some great combinations included chocolate ice cream and Coco Puffs, or vanilla ice cream and Trix cereal. It was amazing and the possibilities were endless.

Anywho, back to the Captain Crunch Sundae. I got a regular sized sundae. This included two scoops of vanilla ice cream,  chocoloate syrup, marshmallow whipped cream, crushed Captain Crunch and Captain Crunch pieces. My first bite and I was in heaven. The Captain Crunch complimented the ice cream perfectly and it was just the perfect amount of cereal in the sundae. It was delicious and I ate the whole thing. I have no shame or regrets about it either.

What was so shocking to me, is that this regular old generic run of the mill ice cream stand actually had really good ice cream. Usually when it comes to great food or tasty treats, those kind of places are where you can find the best things.